Mid-Century Icons Reloaded

A dive into the most edgy and forward thinking ‘70s environments, that’s what the new I4Mariani and Wall&Decò’s new collab feels like.

Patterns, textures, and organic lines mesh together in perfect harmony.

Calling the collection Mid-Century Icons, we remember that these aren’t extremely new pieces of design, but rather icons that stood the test of time because of their incredible comfort and timeless aesthetic. 


The Andromeda chair looks like a futuristic lounge chair that could be found on a movie set in the 1970s. The Tucroma chair instead always looks new, in a different color, setting or even with a white background, it never goes out of style. 


Guido Faleschini is an architect and the designer of all the pieces of the Mid-Century Icons collection, since he started working with I4Mariani in the 1960’s it's no surprise he’s the star when it comes to these elements of design. 

I4Mariani are experts in working all types of leather and it really shows when seeing the way these pieces of furniture age. The more time goes by the more you can see that time actually gives these articles more depth, these pieces become new versions of themselves, and strangely, for the better.

Mixed with Wall&Decò’s impactful, vibrant wallpapers that evoke the color palette of the 70’s, we have a perfect balance between vintage and avant garde. 

Credits: Wall&Decò - Contemporary Wallpaper 2022
Photos: Valentina Sommariva
Styling: Cristina Nava