Roberti Barnini

Part of the GIMO Group

Roberti Barnini is a proud member of the GIMO group, a consortium that has a handful of different companies all from the same region in Tuscany that work together to keep their furniture heritage alive and well.

Roberti Barnini

Precious Materials

Roberti Barnini keeps it’s luxurious aesthetic by always providing high quality precious materials such as marbles, Tuscan leather and high quality woods.

Roberti Barnini

Beautiful Bedrooms

One of Roberti Barnini’s strong points is their eye for creating beautiful bedrooms that give a warm and elegant mood.

01 Lead Time

Roberti Barnini has a Production time of 8 weeks + transit time from Italy.

02 Location

Roberti Barnini is located in the center of Italy in Tuscany.

03 Materials

Roberti Barnini is specialized in products for the residential sector. The materials mostly used are marble, wood and of course, Tuscan leather.

Roberti Barnini

Digital Materials

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Roberti Barnini's

Iconic Products

A selection of Roberti Barnini's most iconic and well known products selected for you by our team!

RC 122
RC 130
RC 224
RC 262
RC 245-4
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