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Design Studios Enrolled in our Trade Program


Brands Supplied Across the Years


Years of Experience

We as Carpe Diem are proud to offer a wide array of services to our clients, from procurement and purchasing to international logistic services, from architecture and design consultancy to agency representation we are here to help.

We love turnkey solutions so we made it a priority to provide our customers with a complete package, from helping them in the design phase all through to custom delivery.

We are proud to offer these services to contract, naval, residential and healthcare sectors no matter how small or big the project is.

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Procurement and Purchasing

Thanks to our long-term purchasing power and project experience, Carpe Diem provides effective procurement & purchasing solutions, along with significant time and cost savings for its customers.


- Dedicated One Point-of-Contact
- Maintains Accountability through the project
- No Outsourcing Any of Our Services
- Seamless Communication and Daily Reporting
- Detailed List of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment


- Account Set-Up for Each Client’s Specific Projects
- FF&E and Conceptual Budgeting
- Assists in design consultation of FF&E to meet site conditions
- Cost Analysis / Count Verif ication Assistance
- Conceptual Budgeting
- Bidding process
- Financial analysis of vendors balance sheets
- Model room and mock ups review
- Quality Control (sizes, finishes, materials, color codes, hardware)
- Extensive Vendor Network with over 200 factories worldwide
- Allocation of manufacturing scopes to final list of suppliers
- Negotiation of payment terms with suppliers
- Factories visits and quality control of mass production


International Logistic Services

We have logistics partnerships in New york, Miami, Long Beach, Seattle, Mexico, Caribbean Islands and Canada. We proudly feature an in-house shipping department based in Santa Monica, California to comply with any kind of shipping needs: from LCL, to full containers, to FOB delivery, curbside delivery, in home delivery and white glove delivery.

Working with installation experts, Carpe Diem oversees the receipt, redelivery, staging, and installation of all FF&E.


Architecture and Design Consultancy

We work with our clients to fully understand the goals and branding of the project, providing an engaging, interactive design process that helps develop solutions to unique needs.
Our insight can save significant time by including sources that meet both the design and operational requirements as well as the economic needs.

The project is not the drawings or the finished construction. The project is the process of getting there, the decisions, the client and interactive structure by which the work is completed, the feelings that remain when the construction is complete.


Agency Representation

Carpe Diem is the exclusive agent and importer of many different and versatile Italian luxury design brands. We are a team of highly experienced professionals dedicated to presenting to our customers the best furniture and design from Italy and Europe.

Almost all of the brands we represent are historic, family-run businesses that have always had a passion for design and for furniture. We truly believe in made in Italy quality and strive to provide our customers with the best quality Italian products available on the market.


Brand Development

Italian Quality, International mentality.

By offering total flexibility with our premium services, we enable you to build and develop a successful business through Carpe Diem's detailed guidance, wherever you need the support, working together to achieve great outcomes for our customers.

We can provide Italian Factories with excellent brand management solutions, and tailor-made international marketing and market penetration strategies.

A team of highly experienced professionals with a solid relationship network will help Italian Furniture Factories to enter new markets, broaden the customer base and improving the reputation of the brand, achieving greater profit margins.

Alongside our partners we will assist you in any step of the development of a business model. Working on both your commercial results and on your branding process, providing all the consulting services that may help you grow (whether it be in market analytics, quality control or digital marketing strategy).

Carpe Diem USA is an independent consultant for the Lombardy Region of Italy in advising and leading Italian furniture firms to export to North America.


Supply Chain Management

Solution orientation and attention to details.

Carpe Diem USA provides supply chain management services in any field: from concept to drawings, renderings, pricing, manufacturing and installing.

Drawing on years of International experience, from original concept to operational business, our team has the relevant technical and commercial knowledge to guide your project through each stage of development. We begin each project by understanding the vision. We ask questions, discover your pain points, collaborate openly and create as a team to deliver exceptional results.