Antonelli Moravio

Part of the GIMO Group

Antonelli Moravio is a proud member of the GIMO group, a consortium that has a handful of different companies all from the same region in Tuscany that work together to keep their furniture heritage alive and well.

Antonelli Moravio

High End Cabinetry

Antonelli Moravio creates closet spaces that are meant to look like top tier stores, so you have a feeling on comfort and luxury at the same time.

Antonelli Moravio

Experts in Gloss

Antonelli Moravio take pride in their mastery of perfecting their shiny gloss effect, an option on almost all of their products.

01 Lead Time

Antonelli Moravio has a Production time of 8 weeks + transit time from Italy.

02 Location

Antonelli Moravio is located in the center of Italy in Tuscany.

03 Materials

Antonelli Moravio is specialized in products for the residential sector. The materials mostly used are glass, wood and of course, Tuscan leather.

Antonelli Moravio

Digital Materials

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  • Residential


years of history

Iconic Products

A selection of Antonelli's most iconic and well known products selected for you by our team!

Living Room System 03
Dining Room System 04
Office System 07
Bedroom System 13