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“I 4 Mariani” was established in 1957. The company’s headquarters are in Brianza, north of Milan, in the region that has long been the center of the Italian furniture industry. An entrepreneurial activity that, since the beginning, characterizes the union between emerging technologies and the assets of handcrafted quality.  It is a story in constant evolution with passion for quality at the forefront. Since the beginning I 4 Mariani envisions and realizes furnishings, seating, cabinets, and upholstered objects that stand the test of time. Each single piece is the result of a careful selection of materials, and of Maximum care in the details, with a design that is focused on the essential elements required. A distinctive quality that the company has is the expertise of working with leather, especially saddle leather with a focus on residential, contract and office sectors. 

I 4 Mariani has almost 100% in house production opposed to most of the rest of the industry.  From the wooden and metal framework structures, to semi-finished status, and finally upholstery, there is a deep knowledge of the technology, and an understanding of the materials. Meaning that the company selects the best varieties of leather and raw saddle leather, and follows every phase of the production, always respecting the materials and their natural origin. In this way, the furnishings and upholstered objects covered in leather and saddle leather are very comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and are created with the highest quality. 

Starting in the 1990's, the company acquired sophisticated machines for the production of office furniture systems. The production sector was enlarged to accommodate Plusystem, which is made of 500 different elements for each type of production layout. A big parallel development also expanded the contract business sector. I 4 Mariani has all the capabilities of following each phase of production, from the concept to the final realization of the installation. The services they provide can be continued even after the sale. The company emerged as an important leader in the contract furnishings field by providing the availability of personalized solutions for different installations. They furnished fourteen different VIP Member waiting rooms for Alitalia all over the world, as an official quality supplier for that company. 


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