Interiors trends are constantly changing. But what are 2020 most fashionable tendencies for sofas?


Sofas today combine several contemporary trends: velvet upholstery; bold colors inspired by flowers (they show up well against a pale background); soft curves; modularity.


The color and design trends for 2020 reveal a fascinating dichotomy as the new era introduces chromatic and design approaches that are both nostalgic and original. A kaleidoscope of colors that translates into authentic, real motifs or combinations, where other palettes seem somewhat surreal, out of the ordinary. This new era is reinforcing the concept that it is possible to allow the coexistence soft and bright shades, and that a traditional style, especially if it is characterized by some futuristic touch, offers an unusual and original approach to a piece of furniture or an interior. The 2020 upholstered furniture is focused towards natural colors of various shades, such as: grey; pastel blues; powder pinks. Instead, for interiors with character, tendencies are focused on soft sofas in bright colors, such as: emerald; dark blues; burgundy; deep purples; mustard yellows.


Take a look to some great examples from CarpeDiem's manufacturers:


"MODULOR SOFA" by DEMA  - Design by R. Tapinassi & M. Manzoni

The ultimate goal of any sofa design is the concept of “total comfort”. Demas's “Modulor Sofa” accomplishes this objective by combining attractive, comfortable shapes with new technical solutions and extremely hardwearing

materials. This skilful combination leads to the creation of products that not only have great looks and personality but are also a place and an instrument of true relaxation, the primary function of any sofa. The creativity of its designers allows Dema to produce a range which meets all the wishes and needs of its most demanding clientele.




i4Mariani is synonymous of exclusive, cultured and contemporary beauty. The settings avoid anonymity and take possession of an elegant and refined identity showing all their charm. From the living room to the dining room, from the bedroom to the office, the spaces are linked together by a recognizable aesthetic, with essential lines and proportions, and refined materials and precious details. A coordinated and coherent project in which architecture and furniture blend together perfectly and each space is designed for those living it. All furniture by i4Mariani reject banality to become protagonist of exclusive and polyhedral solutions in respect of a refined and unmistakable character that seduces with the beauty of its contrasts. 



"ADD-LOOK ROUND" by i4MARIANI - - Design by Mauro Lipparini

The soft and slightly swollen lines in a rigorous architectural structure, raised by slender metal tube legs: these are the “leitmotives” of the "ADD-LOOK ROUND". The collection is enriched with new protagonists. Wide-ranging modular  semicircular elements seek conviviality in a concentric gesture, an ideal amphitheater for the domesticity of our days.

The modular elements that enrich this collection can be both convex and concave. All the elements can be freely combined with each other obtaining the most varied forms, both simple and complex, and of course they can be combined with the standard linear ADD-LOOK collection thus giving free rein to the most imaginative compositions.



By instilling quietness, confidence and a sense of connection, this timeless combination of classic blue shades highlights Luigi Volpi's desire for a stable and reliable base from which to start as we prepare to cross the threshold of a new era. A strong modern and cosmopolitan design triggers the thrill of interior design. Its modular program is based on metal structures that allows different combinations within a perfect and creative geometry.