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Crystal Mozart

Crystal Cruises


The Mozart has been the first River Cruise of the Crystal river cruise program.

The company purchased an existing riverboat that was refurbished and renamed Crystal Mozart (launched in July 2016. MS Mozart (Crystal Mozart) is currently Europe’s largest river ship.

For the entire new five River Ships fleet of Crystal Cruises, we have worked as SUPPLY CHAIN SERVICE providing all the HIGH-END LOOSE FURNITURE on board.
Working closely with the manufacturers, from the designer's specifications down to the final product, we also supervised the whole production of all the HIGH-END BESPOKE FURNITURE.

The list of the areas of these ships were we have worked includes:

Sun Deck and exterior areas,

Entrance and Lobby,


Lounges and Bars,

Private meeting rooms,

Smoking lounges,

Crystal Standard Cabins,

Crystal Deluxe Cabins,

Crystal Penthouse Suites,

Crew cabins,

Crew areas.