Antonelli Atelier's New Catalog "Total Design"

Now that it's finally out we can’t stop looking at Antonelli Atelier’s new catalog “Total Design”!
It feels like we’ve just stepped into the most elegant, luxurious store in a gorgeous location with the warmth of a home.

That’s the idea, making your everyday objects be on display with backlighting and incredible leather.


Explore the new collectionPerfectly upholstered wall systems and incredibly organized drawers with glass as a main player, to really emphasize the beauty of both the objects in display but also the extreme craftsmanship of the new furniture.
What’s best is that all of the wall systems are extremely customizable so they fit in any location. We can’t stop looking at how perfectly the bed, the vanity and the dresser seem like an essential buy when seeing them all together. Who wouldn’t want to live in such elegant luxury?

Explore the new collection