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Introducing the New Roberti Outdoor Catalogue 2024: Modern Design and Elegance

Carpe Diem Team/February 7, 2024/ Roberti

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In the dynamic world of interior design, Roberti Outdoor emerges again with the release of its 2024 catalogue. This year’s offerings represent a bold redefinition of outdoor living spaces, seamlessly blending modern design with timeless elegance.

At the forefront of the catalogue stands the Armàn Collection, conceived by Santiago Sevillano.

Drawing inspiration from the principles of harmony and balance, Sevillano’s creation marries contemporary shapes with artisanal woven rope elements. This union not only elevates aesthetics but also delivers unparalleled comfort, beckoning individuals to unwind in tranquil retreats amidst the great outdoors.

The Armàn Collection’s modular solutions ingeniously cater to various relaxation and conversation settings, while its Mediterranean-inspired color palettes infuse a sense of sophistication and warmth. With each piece meticulously crafted, Sevillano’s expertise shines through, offering a seamless blend of functionality and style that transcends conventional outdoor furnishings.

Armàn is a modular masterpiece that captures the iconic Italian style with its enveloping and welcoming design. This sofa is much more than just furniture: it’s the ideal comfort zone for conversations and relaxation with a cup of coffee. It’s precisely this popular beverage that inspires the design of Armàn, where the hues of the woven backs and armrests recall the wrapping of canvas used to store coffee beans, and the comfortable seating softens the solid and generous structure. Armàn is an expression of contemporary elegance and sophistication, designed to transform your space into a unique sensory experience.

Complementing the Arman Collection is the Corolle Collection by Studio Pang. Here, the marriage of metal and rope takes center stage, creating captivating forms that redefine the very essence of outdoor luxury. Studio Pang’s meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every curve and contour, as metal structures intertwine harmoniously with soft, enveloping rope elements.

The Corolle Collection epitomizes modern sophistication, offering a visual spectacle that seamlessly integrates into any outdoor setting.

Whether basking in the sun’s warmth or lounging under the stars, these pieces promise a luxurious outdoor experience like no other.

The Corolle collection emerges from the interplay of color and a skillful mix of materials, offering a range of armchairs, sofas, and coffee tables that transform the surrounding environment with a vibrant visual impact. Designed to enhance contemporary three-dimensional forms, this collection boasts a palette of colors meticulously chosen to accentuate its modern aesthetics. The structural solidity of metal blends seamlessly with the softness of rope, creating a dialogue between materials that evokes geometric intensity while maintaining a sense of lightness and versatility. The result is an outdoor vision without boundaries, where the fusion of materials offers both strength and elegance to outdoor spaces.

Roberti Outdoor Corolle Collection

In the Queen collection, comfort merges with beauty through a light and precious aesthetic. Sofas, armchairs, and chaise longues are also modular and versatile elements. A seating system where plays of transparencies and natural tones, created by the elegant linear weave, interpret space as a place to live one’s time in perfect harmony.

The collection is offered in the Bronze finish, suggesting deep and Mediterranean scenarios, and in the refined White finish. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, residential, and contract settings.

With fresh side chairs and tables joining the lineup, the possibilities for creating sophisticated outdoor spaces are limitless. Each piece exudes regal elegance, inviting users to revel in the lap of luxury while embracing the serenity of nature.

In summary, Roberti Outdoor’s 2024 catalogue, with the Armàn and Corolle Collections leading the charge, continues to inspire us to reimagine the way we engage with and enjoy outdoor environments and invites us to envision a future where outdoor living is not just an experience but a symphony of elegance and allure amidst the nature.

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Roberti Outdoor Armàn 2024 Catalogue

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