The best furniture products and solutions, in the shortest time.

Thanks to our long-term purchasing power and comprehensive project experience, CARPEDIEM USA provides effective procurement & purchasing solutions, along with significant time and cost savings to its customers.

In the past 2 years our list of Excellent Worldwide Clients proudly features the Nike Presidential office, the Google / Pinterest / Dropbox headquarters, the NY headquarters of Tommy Hilfiger, the USB Bank 50th floor in LA, and few Whole Foods in Florida and Texas.  Among the hotels chain, we can list the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki, the Ritz Carlton in Maui and Key Byscayne, the Four Seasons in Costa Rica, Dubai and Kuwait, the amazing Marigot Bay Resort in St. Lucia.

Few can match our savings power due to years of established and trusting relationships with furniture and fabric manufacturers the world over.
We can help our customers finding the furniture of their dreams within the budget and timeframes required.