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ELLEDUE  is a small Italian company but open to big ideas, without forgetting the key word which characterizes it and that since the very beginning Andrea Levorato, the owner of the company, tried to cultivate in his team: “the pleasure for beauty”.

ELLEDUE in its 800 square metres, where tidiness reigns supreme, creates, designs and realizes seats, tables, and not only, for the contract and shipping market, through careful plannings and combining relationships with the teams specialized in the designing of project in accordance with best practice.

The production of wooden structures is considered one of the excellencies of the area with which the cooperation has become pure feeling, allowing everybody to act in their primary specializations. The production holdings of wooden structures are pillars of know how and with a constant innovation as center of their job,  starting from the choice of the materials directly from the forests of mother nature with particular attention to sustainability. Every process is perfectly integrated to the prior study to guarantee delivery and quality in perfect connection.

The polishing of the product are assigned to skilled specialists, reliable both for their ability and for their loving passion and dedication to this alive material as wood is, which loves to take the most particular colour shades.

The covering is finally shaped with sophisticated craftsmanship inside ELLEDUE, where every detail is worked with passion, dedication, experience and dexterity. Where the hand caresses the product, the eyes of our team confirm the “beauty” creation ready to proceed for logistics, organized as well with order, safety and guarantee.


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